About Me

I am a second-year M.S. student of Computer Vision Lab in College of Computer Science at Nankai University under the supervision of Prof. Jufeng Yang. I received my Bachelor degree from Hebei University of Technology in 2018. My research interests are primarily on computer vision and deep learning, especially visual emotion analysis, I am very appreciative to work with Prof. Yu-Kun Lai (Cardiff University) and Dr. Sicheng Zhao (University of California Berkeley).


2019.11: I attended the ICCV 2019 at Seoul, Korea.
2019.07: One paper was accepted to ICCV 2019.
2019.04: I attended the VALSE 2019 at Hefei, China.
2018.07: I started my M.S. student in Computer Vision Lab at Nankai University.
2018.06: One paper was accepted to PRICAI 2018.
2018.04: I attended the VALSE 2018 at Dalian, China.


Attention-aware Polarity Sensitive Embedding for Affective Image Retrieval
Xingxu Yao, Dongyu She, Sicheng Zhao, Jie Liang, Yu-Kun Lai, Jufeng Yang
IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019

Deep Coordinated Textual and Visual Network for Sentiment-Oriented Cross-Modal Retrieval
Jiamei Fu, Dongyu She, Xingxu Yao, Yuxiang Zhang, Jufeng Yang
Pacific Rim International Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (PRICAI), 2018

Visual Emotion Analysis

Comming soon!